A high-mid-range Intel Ivy Bridge quad-core, the QM is capable of single-core burst modes up to 3. The IdeaPad Y benefits greatly from Lenovo’s excellent AccuType keyboard, a style of chiclet keyboard that we’ve consistently praised for its comfort and smooth key movement. The cursor occasionally jumps around or is slowed down without reason even during normal movements. This device is good in performance having great build quality. The IdeaPad Y cranked through our Handbrake video test in 37 seconds and our Photoshop test in 3 minutes 45 seconds. Bottom Line The Lenovo IdeaPad Y is a solid choice for a gaming laptop, offering decent gaming performance and portability, with a modular upgrade system that lets you add and swap extras easily.

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The fan sometimes completely receded into the background depending on the volume and intensity of the game’s soundtrack. Nevertheless it is not enough to be worthy of reference. This is somewhat average laptop at cost y500 lenovo 70K.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

For the lower price-point users will certainly have to make a few concessions. The range below 40 fps, where the laptop often hovers y500 lenovo demanding tracks, is particularly affected. The month warranty is industry standard. These graphics parts are also capable of running display resolutions up to x But black y500 lenovo, white gadgets, chrome gadgets, and so forth all seem to have their day in the sun and then go back out y500 lenovo style.

View All 5 Photos. The y5000 size is big enough for an enriching gaming, surfing y500 lenovo video watching experience. The majority of games also ran well with x pixels when the ultra-level and 4x anti-aliasing was left disabled where necessary.

The speakers offer y500 lenovo sound quality and robust amplification that can easily y500 lenovo an entire room with audio. In case you’re wondering, there are two key differences between the QM here and the QM that appears in other gaming laptops, including Razer’s Blade system.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Review

The freestanding keys in the corners can be obviously y500 lenovo. While the keyboard was fantastic, the touchpad gave us pause. A DisplayPort adapter would have been a nice add-on feature because it would allow for support of higher resolution displays.

Games can thus be enjoyed y500 lenovo major restrictions.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y Specs – CNET

The Core iQM y500 lenovo ran with over 3. The Lenovo IdeaPad Y is an affordable gaming notebook that y500 lenovo all around utility and performance. Where the optical drive would normally go, in right side of the system chassis, is instead a bay that can handle different optional components. The term may seem like an oxymoron, and to a degree it is.

Other devices sound much worse.

The y500 lenovo allows users to customize the notebook by adding a number of different Lenovo y500 lenovo to the machine. Compared with a or lenovp, a lot more information finds room on the screen keyword: In case the resolution has to be reduced for performance reasons, x pixels Other than that everything is spaced adequately and easy to reach.

Speakers Lenovo self-confidently touts the device with ” premium JBL speakers ” The California-based company will likely be known to many readers. Users looking for optimal performance may want y500 lenovo opt for a high-end external mechanical keyboard, though the built in keyboard offers more than sufficient quality.

An average transfer rate of The processor, screen and hard disk capacity are identical. Only a few programs presently benefit from eight parallel threads. Lenovo Ideapad Y is a stylish and powerful Mainstream Laptop and is powered by Y500 lenovo core clocked at a speed of y500 lenovo. Opposing the current trend, Lenovo installs a glossy screen rather than a non-glare model.

Compounding this problem is that, because the Y lacks a touch screen, that touch pad is going y500 lenovo be your main interface with the Windows 8 UI, unless you plug in an external mouse. The pressure point and stroke y500 lenovo not give an outstanding performance.

Y500 lenovo did y500 lenovo really like the interface positioning. The Bottom Line For those looking for something more than a feature-light ultrabook, the gamer-friendly Lenovo IdeaPad Y is close to brilliant, and several configurations are currently available at a deep discount — but I can’t believe it doesn’t have a touch screen.

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