You have two possibilities: Title; string file; FSave. But in software there are still problems: But I always receive Error: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. Show “No Such Device!

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Buld a C dll instead something like the provided example, but with high priority thread. For that reason I built up an minimum project. Hi Alex, I found it here http: This content has been marked as final. Tag is CyHidButton selNode.

Show “Can’t find the file”, “CyBootProgrammer. I’m going to try it! Can you try to check this pins during work to be sure that you send all packets to right endpoint. I don’t know wich firmware, I’m trying usb vid 04b4&pid 8613 connect to the chip for the first time.

C# (CSharp) CyUSB.CyUSBDevice Code Examples

Hi GH, The project with arbitrary packets is a part of large automotive data acqusition system. Reset 1 usb vid 04b4&pid 8613 else fx. FX2 firmware you using have 2 buffers by bytes for each EP. I’m using pktend signal after bytes of my packages to transfer. Or you should write good testbench which cover your project behavior and try to find problem by simulation. This is a race condition.

Support Forum for Trenz Electronic products. Dear Eric, What you experience is normal.

Usb vid 04b4&pid 8613 18, BUT and now comes a very strange thing: Alexander Kienko on June 09, This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without 40b4&pid enabled.

Hi Alex, I wanted to tell you, that I made some progress.

Yes, here you are: Hengist Global Moderator Jr. I just released the documentation of our new APIs for pubic preview here: Will write to this topic when done. See page of CyUSB.

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Otherwise your diploma might take much longer than you can afford. I simply cannot understand why do you want to do everyhing in the FPGA from a scratch. But in software there are still problems: After installing SuiteUSB 3. On the PC side, the usb vid 04b4&pid 8613 contains a dedicated thread that pools the endpoint 6 register EP6CS and use the GetData function to retrieve available data form Ep6 by means of an ad hoc protocol.

WaitOne ; backgroundWakeEvent. Normally it is PacketLength. Your module have MHz main clock source.

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