Unfortunately it seems as the bad solder joints on the RAM-socket finally gave in. I purchased this laptop last year from India. Thanks again for all your work! Where could there possibly be a loose wire etc. On rare occasions the motherboard will need to be replaced. Surprise that, when i came and try to start my laptop, i see that alomost half of my screen Bottom went white..

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TS August 9, I have sony vaio e series laptop working in pvt org. Cybernetics May 5, I put the laptop down and the timer froze.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

Thanks for posting this, came across this site with a stroke of luck and found the guide extremely helpful. I have sony vaio laptop, buy from Spain, malaga.

Russell Booth June 13, Post it here, somebody can help you. The laptop will start booting from the recovery disc. If sony vaio pcg 6f1l can help, I would really appreciate it.

Even pccg guide to replacing the keyboard would be a help, as that would get me into the case. Bob July 29, My sony notebook vgn — n E shut down while i was using it and since sony vaio pcg 6f1l i can not turn it on. Ashan March 29, Vic November 22, Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you give me more ideas on what to do…. Mike November 30, Hi ,i have a sony vaio vpcmal and when an attempt recovery of original sistem get an errorin sony vaio pcg 6f1l computer cant use this disc pch recovery, confirm the model. Thanks for your lecture.

Has anyone tried this? Bo August 6, I am needing to replace a dc power cable and vao and need to find instructions for dis and reassembly.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

Is this a power problem or something else? I purchased this laptop last year from India. When i switch on the laptop vaoo screen i blank and white in color. Can you see a very faint image? Toward the right half of the screen it appears to be fine.

Hope someone can help me. Usually the screen is not totally white. If yes, try sony vaio pcg 6f1l the inverter board. Jared July 6, Tomas February 14, Sony vaio pcg 6f1l the insulation looks like a string.

Thanks a lot for these manuals i need 1 for my FJ, and thanks to your website i am able to fix it!

Franklin May 20, I discovered one of my RAM chips was bad, indeed. Adam Pxg 18, Could be memory related problem. Can you test your laptop with an external monitor and find out if external video still works?

Now reboot the laptop and let it detect the webcam and reinstall the drivers. Post your e-mail up here and we can talk. Dainis May 5, I sony vaio pcg 6f1l the original CDs. I was thinking of putting rubber padding underneath the mainboard where the ATI chip is located. I have a Toshiba centrino laptop, it had been serving me 2 for years but now it has a problem with its LCD screen.

Efreen Sony vaio pcg 6f1l 2, Go to the control panel and check sound settings. Bing hotmail shit it is even difficult to remove. Can any body help me.

The problem is — When I switch on or power my laptop. May August 20, Can you exchange it for a new one? PS The laptop was not bought from Bulgaria there is no guarantee! Linda March 12, Alessandro November 22,

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