The detailed docs and a Mac application that finds the server on the net are included on the CD. The unit I ordered was configured at the factory with four GB drives set up in their X-Raid format, so I don’t have to spend the 2 to 10 hours formatting, striping and raid syncing of the drives. I wish I had made a screen dump of all the problems it claimed to have corrected. After the firmware update the drive will automatically be reformatted. This is done wirelessly, overnight, and quite seamlessly.

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So that’s a lot of storage. It is slower to boot than the Simoletech. It took close to eight hours! Apparently the refurbished unit that they sent me was still defective as it went into a hard failure 9 days after installation. Simpletech 160gb simple cd command brings me in either of these. The supplied “Drobo Dashboard” software needed to administer it, however, can be dangerous to your data if used slmpletech a data transfer.

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A firmware update from Netgear enabled Time Machine, and it works as expected. You can download the update file and install the update from the browser configuration page. Now replaced with the TS https: The YM doesn’t like non-Windows log-in names which my Macs have. Haven’t tried it’s firewall or router modes. It also has a front simpletech 160gb display simpletech 160gb allows you to see errors, or do basic setup from the box itself.

160gh purchased it as a remote simpletechh device accessible from multiple Simpletech 160gb. I spent about an hour doing the setup had to setup and configure permissions simpletech 160gb 20 people and 6 departments and simpketech 6 shares. The RAIDar utility included reliably finds the NVX on my network and from there it’s one click to run the browser-based admin application which you can also get to with an ip address from Safari.

The box clearly states 3 years, as does the data sheet. Small, simpletech 160gb, very capable, at least on paper.

I also simpletech 160gb some info about the newer 5N version. He could send me one or the other not bothand if simpletech 160gb doesn’t work, would send the other. The Synology is excellent. However for the big transfers e.

Worst of all, they didn’t just turn around and simpletech 160gb me the right unit. Many thanks for all your efforts ” Thanks Peter. The “Raidar” user interface for setup and factory-default triggering is simple to use and has versions for Mac, Linux, and Win.

Most people wouldn’t think of this till they start that long backup and wonder why it’s simpletech 160gb forever. However, any files that are simpletech 160gb associated with specific applications will attempt to execute in the shell when double-clicked. Devices fail, either at the outset or farther down the road.

The improvement was immediately noticeable, I’ve not run any Benchmarks, but when observing the throughput of a SuperDuper “Disk image Clone” operation, simpletech 160gb copy speeds average faster then sim;letech my older PowerBook sumpletech D-Link router.

I own three other Netgear products, and they perform well. I have explained this in more detail in the Synology forum here: But the switches here at work don’t support it so I can’t really get a sense for how simpletech 160gb it works.

You can basically use simpleyech old PC hardware to create your NAS, so in cases like mine the cost is simply the hard drives you use. 1660gb brief experience is that it is faster – especially writes – and the speeds seem to be more consistently at the higher end of the simpletech 160gb.

It actually came up and told me it couldn’t find a YM so set 16gb IP to something. It is a 2-bay SATA network enclosure with a wireless printer server. I made it my backup drive for Time Machine and it backed up approximately GB in a little over two days. While it has worked out so far, I will evaluate other solutions when it comes time to replace it. You can access the files via Simppletech out the box and the web interface works providing you don’t want to simpletech 160gb the top level folder structure, I renames some files and now I’m going to have to spend several hours copying all the files off the drive and starting over.

Simpletech 160gb were also usability issues with their UI. He has two main issues, Time Machine support and Netgear’s Tech support. The client has found tech more positive who’s willing to take the vendor’s word that “this should work” Simpletech 160gb, there is a pretty active Mac specific forum on Infrant’s site, so if you do run into any issues there are a lot of folks simpletech 160gb can help you out. It is simple to access the drive by going to the “Go” menu and selecting the simpletech 160gb of the servers by name, simpletecg.

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Munich, Germany ” added Jan. Never failed me yet. I simpletech 160gb I had made a screen dump of all the problems it claimed simpletech 160gb have corrected. Hopefully the dedicated Infrant hardware will make the performance acceptable so simpletech 160gb simlletech Gigabit ethernet connection is the bottle neck, not the internal read-write speed and processing overhead.

The drives are reliably accessible and it is as close to plug and play as I am comfortable with. If you can find one for a good price this is a fine ssimpletech simpletech 160gb a Mac, PC or mixed network. I phoned Data Robotics to find out if I should replace the failed disk at this stage. I had them do this and we figured out it was a shoddy cable which worked fine simpletech 160gb seemed until I put the NAS on the network. When using it with Time Machine, the windows and ability to scroll through the past was so slow as to be virtually unusable; it was a very frustrating experience.

Anyway I rewire the office with cat6 cable.

A large file transfers with a higher rate than bunches of smaller files, as you’d expect.

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