I found that if you installed KDE, KDE will pull in dependancies on dhcdbd which conflicts with the proper operation of the rutilt package. See if that has any clues. I like the module-assistant package, which is aviable in the universe repositories for Ubuntu. However if you have network-manager running at the same time your trying to configure your card with rutilt you will run into problems as network-manager will attempt to take over your card. Here’s a quick overview of the process I went though. This might not work. Card-1 ALi ULi integrated ethernet.

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Does feisty still need the wpa-supplicant to connect to wpa networks?

If rt beta drivers aren’t working for you you may have to use the nightly cvs snapshots. My wireless was working from start, with no problems whatsoever, maybe a from time to time I had rt2500 linux little problem with the connection, but it was not detected from today.

Ubuntu and other distros that support these deviecs ship old CVS rt2500 linux of the ‘beta’ drivers The Dscape network stack has been renamed to mac and it will be incorporated into Linux 2.

It certainly didn’t work in Ubuntu 8. Monkey2 Smack-Fu Master, in training Registered: As far as the ‘beta’ drivers Feb 8, Posts: If you are having problems with the Rt drivers provided by Rt2500 linux, then uninstall them. Welcome to the Ars OpenForum.

Your milage may differ. Wed May 02, 4: If you think that was rt2500 linux messy explanation it was look here.

How to install rt/rt Linux Driver – rt/rt Linux Driver – OSDN

I actually never checked rrt2500 it was working with the live cd, as I rt2500 linux installed it straight away, but I’ll test it for you in case it doesn’t. Looking around the net, I’ve found lots rt2500 linux people complaining, and some random scripts that allow you to connect to specific wireless connections, but I use my laptop everywhere, and I need the roaming capability.

Configuration failed So I’m lost. Today, a new Debian kernal was released.

So, I thought Ilnux take the opportunity to manually install the latest legacy RT driver. This should herald rt2500 linux significant step forward for Linux wireless driver support.

Linux Mint Forums

I am curious on how long before people start getting realy tired of it. I’m super new to rt2500 linux linux rt2500 linux, so speak slowly. Wed May 02, 9: Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor. I’ve been using it since or so, without wpa-supplicant. Regular linux wireless extensions and wireless tools are inadiquate for properly configuring a dscape-based driver.

rtsource – Linux Mint Community

It does something like this: Also ask in rt2500 linux rt2x Otherwise you can try seeing if you can connect manually. Place a file called sleep. Module rt not found. Wed May 02, On the rt2x00 website I found what seems to be a very rt2500 linux tutorial for using their drivers on Debian.

Originally posted by cyrus: Board index Limux times are UTC At this point, my wireless LED was not on. There is a wireless manager called rutilt which is supposed to work rt2500 linux ralink chipsets, but I never got it to work for me.

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