CuriousK September 1, at 1: More about that in a bit. Andrei Girbea, Editor-in-Chief at Ultrabookreview. Any comments or suggestions are really appreciated. Hi … Thank you for the reply and feedback. I finally managed to buy a Dell , iU 2. Yash October 16, at

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My budget will be MAX Euro. Would that be okay for my requirements mentioned below?

Sam April 3, at 8: The best gaming ultraportables. Andrei Girbea September 11, at 4: As long as you plaisio turbo x live with a Windows laptop, you’ll probably find better value for the money in this camp. Or am I OK getting one with a 7th Gen processor?

Will the 2 more cores increase power consumption? Modern CPUs adjust their speed automatically.

Usage profile would be office university related stuffsome occasional pictures editing and CAD. Andrei Girbea December 13, at 4: I also wanted to ask whether I should go for i5 U or iU if I use it for songs recording and editing purpose.?? The HQ will probably outperform the U in plaisio turbo x high-load everyday tasks, because most apps are not going to benefit from the increased number of threads of the U version and rather favor the higher- base clocks of the HQ CPU.

plaisio turbo x

Connecting iSpy to IP Cameras

Asus Zenbook UX vs UX vs UX — what sets these apart Andrei Girbea June 26, Asus have a long history of releasing multiple laptops with similar traits and as a result, most potential buyers have a hard time setting them apart. That aside, the comments section is wide open, so get in touch if you have anything to add, any questions or any feedback.

Andrei Girbea December 7, plaisio turbo x 4: Unless the dual-core configs are much cheaper and you’re on a tighter budget or you don’t plan to multitask much, plaisio turbo x quad-cores are the better choice. The iU processor speed is 2.

Όροι Εγγύησης Προϊόντων Turbo-X

SoI think that the laptop must be equipped with:. In reality the iU works at Turbo speeds when plaisio turbo x and is faster than the iU. Poaisio can’t decide should I buy a gaming lapopt, because it has good specs for plaisio turbo x better price or it would be enough for me to buy smaller and plasiio laptop with, for example: I tend to keep computers for a long time. Otherwise, idk, each one is OK. What would you recommend?

The i5 hq is with plaisik of chache not 4GB. BUT my demands are to start as fast as it can and to not tuurbo down with 2 browsers with 5 tabs open each and plaisio turbo x running simultaneously.

I noticed the same behavior on both our samples, as you can see in the pictures below. Sorry, but i’m just a little curious. Plaisio turbo x March 19, at 3: Nothing unexpected here, plaisio turbo x results on the iU are a little higher than the norm, as the chips can reach slightly higher Turbo Speeds.

I’m in no way a computer guru?! As an allrounder, the Core Pliasio i5 is better balanced: This is the it I was looking at. These things are subjective and should help steer towards one or the other. There are two more Intel CPU series scheduled for the next 6 months and Apple are usually not very speedy to upgrade their devices.

Here are three 2-in-1’s that I’ve been looking at:. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Andrei Girbea December 14, at 4: Any comments or suggestions are really plaisio turbo x. Should I wait for Lenovo to upgrade plxisio processors in the Flex line of laptops?

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