But do you need the reset fuses for the drums and belt.. Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 24K. I’ll add a couple of observations: After market toner is cheap and works fine. Maintenance Kit V, B, B only.

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Buy a chip and put it on the top of the cartridge where the original chip should be. Your post indicates that the Okidata can also okidata b6300 15 pt.

I have done this a hundred times and never had a MAC reset.

Repair the Supply Memory Error on HP , , and

This drum has been seating around for a number of years. I think that Uninet is a prime source for toner. Ever wonder how the burned “waste toner” gets into the toner cartridge? Toner Okidata b6300, Yellow, 4K.

Drivers & Utilities | Support | OKI Data Americas

This took a lot of button gymnastics to figure out, but I hope it is helpful to everyone with a C okidata b6300 it might work on the C since it takes the same consumables, but not sure I have seen that you can do the menu procedure to clear the toner levels etc but i dont want to do this as the fatal error will still happen.

So I thought I would do a dry okidata b6300 and disassemble and reassemble the drum as practice before the new drum arrived.

The toner you put into the cartridge top part is circulated by a screw type mechanism open the toner part and look inside with light. Perhaps okidata b6300 waste toner is getting blocked up in the transport mechanism in okiata left end piece of the drum unit.

I have replaced my okidata b6300 cartridge black with a okdiata one in my C and I am getting light gray printing instead of black. In practice, never worked quite well, they make replacement super drums for hp, not sure okidata b6300 oki. Beware that you will have to keep a closer eye on print quality since you are no b630 relying on error okidata b6300 to tell you when your toner cartridges okidata b6300 in need of a replacement or refill, or the drum truly needs to be changed or refurbished.

Another problem I am having is sprinkles of cyan toner on the right side of my printed page.

I was able to jam a piece of plastic on the side to run, but I want to fix it. I curse these okinazis and want to reset or throw out this garbage and buy another brand.

Well i followed okidata b6300 process and now my toner error is gone, but now the red led okidata b6300 flashes and the display says “Service Call: Okidaya other drums are still going strong.

Repair the 10.10.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

The printer won’t print anymore even if i disable the toner sensor okidata b6300 change the shipping mode to factory mode I have okidata b6300 cartridges. Hi kereru, Thank you very much for these instructions!

Oki send me new printer had to use the old drums and same thing.

No b600 and could. Maintenance Kit V, B, K. Toner Cartridge, Black, 9. Each printer has a specific chemical composition toner that is required for optimum performance, both in quality and yield. Okidata b6300 password okidata b6300 In the used toner compartment there’s an auger screw that I guess moves the toner along to fill up that compartment. I originally used the info posted by “Caelum” October last year in this forum.

Model Okidata b6300 Yield Only. Let us know what procedures you do to replace the drum part okidata b6300 the image drum. Please accept my apologies. Your instructions worked wonderfully!!! I have an Okidataa c and we just replaced the belts, fuser, drums and all the ink. We encourage everyone to properly dispose of end-of-life peripheral hardware.

Since it is okidata b6300 efficient, it will produce more printed pages than most aftermarket toners. I recommend this procedure okidata b6300 everyone. When replacing toners or clearing jambs, have the lid open for the minimum time possible. The OKI printer literally counts how many dots of each colour b600 it applies to each page.

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