Also in “factory mode” or “disable toner sensor” I think you need to enter the “System Maintenance Password”. I have a with 17, copies and the original cartridges and drums Had some similar problems with the back print being light and a light streak down the center of the page. It gets conveyed from the green drum section up the left side of the drum unit and is deposited into the toner cartridge through the center of the section with the large spring onto which the toner cartridge is mounted when you install or change the toner cartridge. OKI says they don’t know why. If it’s lost it was a failure within the NIC.

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Nobody is oki c5800n to the posts regarding resetting the oki fuser, drum etc when you can’t oki c5800n past stage oki c5800n of the reset proceedure. If you are swapping over toners or drums from another secondhand printer into your printer, it will not know they are “new” and your printer will still show the existing okj values for the old units.

But I got a lot of toner for it. I have refilled all of the toner cartridges many times, so many times in fact, that I would always get messages about the drums being at the end of their life, etc. I did that on the end that doesn’t have the blue handle. Hope this is helps. This drum oki c5800n been seating around for a number of years.

When waste toner fills up the waste “holder” in the toner cartridge, it will overflow and cause streaking and jam the gears in the image drum.

I would be very great full for a workaround. I have been reading forums and tend to think okl problem is aftermarket toner. Then it will work like a champ.

I am planning to buy one buy am worried that I may not be able to reset it. I was wondering if anyone had oki c5800n GOOD instructions with pictures to tell how to exactly fill the cartridges.

Colour Printers

Then press button 2 to increase oki c5800n value of the selected digit. Well, how kki I get? I have used my colored drums for over 16, pages so far and they oki c5800n still going strong. Streaky black printing on the left side of the page!!!!

If you get some streaks on prints, wipe the “lenses” in the machine cover.

Okay, I finally got the password to oki c5800n. My Oki C is oki c5800n fine. The fuse, as stated before, is placed in the right arm of the drum unit. It oki c5800n snaps back into place. Its not worth your while to do this as your down time and replacement cost just don’t oki c5800n up. Yes I have cn. You wouldn’t get any print in oli area. It’s not a memory issue. There are two sets of pins on the left and right of the printer. The OKI printer literally counts how many dots of each colour toner it applies to each page.

I replaced the black drum f5800n 8 months ago and have not used it that much since. Then nothing Please help. When the printer says the toners are empty it has a ‘limp home mode’, where powering the printer off and back on allows the user to print a few more pages. If it’s oki c5800n it was a failure within the NIC.

No more toner warnings I didn’t try putting white-out over the spot. You can also apply the oki c5800n change to the “ID Unit”s aswell, being the image drums, to stop any counting of the drum units, allowing them to be used untill image quality suffers.

It explains all with d5800n pictures and goes into much more detail than the Uninet oki c5800n for changing the drum in the toner cartridge.

Both problems can be caused by kki cartridges. If it has oki c5800n refilled, has the waste toner been removed?

After checking past messages on here i can see that the two must be linked as the error is the oki c5800n sensor. Forget about “rebuilding” the drum. It cannot be charged twice, it won’t hold position on the Oki c5800n anymore.

The c you okk uses identical technology as your previous machine. My OKI is printing magenta where yellow should be and yellow where magenta should be?


The “ID” unit is an imaging drum. Oki c5800n so many copies and the warnings oki c5800n empty cartridges and drums that needed replacement I found that I could only print about 17 copies and then the printer would stop.

Super crisp text and no banding. Is there such a menu for the ?

Colour Printers | Drivers & Utilities | Support | OKI Data Australia

I saved a lot of money. Turn off the printer Turn the printer on whilst holding down Menu button.

The Oki c5800n koi been set. Would that help anything? Any input would be appreciated. Does anyone have a counter reset for the C? That it is put into the waste area by a “wiper. I did perform the reset and the network still operates, even the IP address remains!!! Genuine Okidata toner has a very high oki c5800n rate, resulting in very little waste toner entering the waste bin.

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