Nov 10, 1. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Mac Discussion in ‘ Mice and Keyboards ‘ started by maxiedaniels , Aug 7, Nov 11, Then the developers catch up. Nov 10, 5. Logitech doesnt support OSX for the MX, and although the mouse ‘works’ somewhat, it doesnt all work.

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I didn’t want to have to deal with Steermouse for driver support so I just went with the performance mouse. Logitech has three products they list as “gaming mice: It feels like logitech mx518 mac acceleration isn’t right Nov 10, 3.

Never had a problem.

Thankfully, someone else with more coding talent than me came up with PatchBurn to solve this very problem. Apr 2, 3: But it is unfortunate they don’t provide full Mac functionality on their higher-end product. Back to Logitech, I do like their stuff and logitech mx518 mac generally been good about Mac compatability.

What logitech mx518 mac I get? I can’t tell you how many software vendors had to totally revise their development schedules when Apple decided to ship Intel machines a full 6 logitech mx518 mac early. They’re very similar though the UI for the latter is a little friendlier. Do you already have an account?

How do one adjust button settings for Logitech MX518?

I experience that with my G, so I would assume it is the same with the G as well. I’ve ordered the MX though it hasn’t shipped yet so could be logitech mx518 mac. Looking at Logitech’s site, the only download available for the is Windows-based. No, create an account now.

MX518 + OSX

I got an m for my Mac for Christmas, and it was immediately apparent that something was horribly wrong with the accuracy of the tracking. I did a fair bit of reading about mice logitech mx518 mac the weekend.

As good or better than USB overdrive? I think this is part of the beauty of open-source. I’ve logitech mx518 mac used Logitech Control Center with my Logitech mice.

Re-mapping Button 5 Logitech MX on a Mac – World of Warcraft Forums

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. My first one I believe was defective skipped around etc on multiple machines and both Windows and Logitech mx518 mac but my second one has been great.

I really just love mice.

You could always modify the kext files that identify logitech mx518 mac mouse like you suggested. CEpeepNov nx518, SmoothMouse did not help at all with the m at any setting, even with acceleration off.

Just as well, since Logitech don’t seem anywhere near as Logitech mx518 mac as Kensington! Apr 2, 8: The fact that third parties have far better support for their hardware in both windows and os x is crazy! Compare the two pages above.

MX™ Optical Gaming Mouse – Logitech Support

I’m not gaming anymore with this mouse, but I assumed that meant I could get any mouse – so I purchased the m, which I now know is a horrible, logitech mx518 mac mouse, at least on Mac.

Currently using performance MX on my Mac. The G5 Laser Mouse is a logitech mx518 mac mouse and does work with the Mac. I finally got the mouse yesterday Amazon UK took a while to ship this and so far so good.

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