We used LightOn’s automatic firmware update, as shown in the screenshots below, and with three clicks we managed to successfully update the drive’s firmware. Any suggestions as to what might cause this? Comparable with the burn at 4x this seems like a good burn, do you agree? Sorry for the long post, all comments much appreciated and thanks for such a great forum and a wealth of information, without which I would never have got this far. CPU Usage when burning is relatively high. Disc Info Basic Information Disc type:

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Just checked out my P6S in Nero Infotool and it displayed this… The max write speed according to that is 8x! Is this an error?

Lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s suggestions as to what might cause this? From the above tests I think I should stick to ,ite these discs at only 4x or 12x. How can I tell if Smartburn was working correctly? Some grey sqares also appeared.

So this box my Asus workhorse could do with another try as it was quite a while since I had the problems, in fact the reason for me joining CDF all I will say is that I could not get anything to work with the LG drive and went thru a lot of things but it was only when I replaced lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s ASPI that it all sprang back into life??? Ltie are not branded as Verbatim, they are Titanium Datawrite?

LITE-ON SHMP6S resources and drivers

Having said that, let us start off this review by seeing what changes have been made to the writing quality and error correction mechanism of the drive. Thursday, May 17, Clicking on the image below, will open a larger, more detailed view. The drive came with the default firmware MSOA installed and was flashed with the latest available MS0F as soon as it was available as described below.

I will be doing my best to strip ASPI from my system so it can be ruled out as a lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s, if you have any suggestions for a guide to remove lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s completely please let me know Google here I come.

Are you saying that the CPU usage should be lower still, perhaps even nil? We removed the drive’s cover to reveal its internals.

I crossflashed to LiteON on a whim really: Aspi is absolutely unnecessary on NT based Windows installations. This seems to be another bad burn with PI errors seeming very high with a max! Just checking one piece of vital information.

You also said that the benchmark test seemed to fail on my system. Samsung Brings Bixby to Home Appliances.

LITE-ON SHMP6S Firmware MS0R Download

Disc Quality test 156p6s always done at 8x, scan ‘read’ test at maximum. Disc Info Basic Information Disc type: Don’t do this yourself as it voids the warranty. Does this fact nullify any results I got from those tests?

Media Used for ALL tests: I own lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s same drive using an USB connection. Reviews Around the Web. These speeds remained the same regardless of the type of disc in the drive at the time. Can an expert on these matters please give me your opinion on the above tests? This is bad Manufacturer: In the scan tests tab I was able to run the ‘Read’ test wih no problems.

As for IDE cable type, I will check this out and post in a few minutes.

LITE-ON DVDRW SHM-165P6S Firmware MS0R download

Other than the above, the drive offers no new features or increased speeds in comparison to the previous releases. Burning at 8x Why the strange dip around the 2. Does this mean that individual programs now come with their own ASPI or equivalent or is another approach taken altogether?

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