Lead length 30 meter. I came upon this disturbing note in dso. It was averaging two waveforms and only one had the glitch so the average of the two would be halfway. Anyway, I have now done some updates and bugfixes to the software, branched from the Dec 4 version. There are two issues here. This sequence transform is recursive so the only other way I could think of is to use a lookup table — or maybe partial lookup tables hooked together with some logic gates.

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Technical Details

Remove a few characters, recompile and run. I am disappointed in the Hantek software. The weird thing is that the glitch at MHz appeared to be software related somehow: Also, a multi-turn trimpot is dso-2090 usb to manually calibrate the ADC full scale dso-2090 usb.

Connect the breakout lead plugs into the existing wire loom, and insert the two 4mm banana plugs into the scope using test lead HT30A, the output signal can be taken. I set the time base to 10us and the vertical dso-2090 usb 1 volt dc coupled.

This only seems to happen on the first channel if both are enabled, and seems dso-2090 usb get worse when touching one of the two SRAM data lines, so it may just be a limitation of the PCB layout or the CPLD itself.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Oh good stuff… I remember playing with the bwlimit thingy, the code was there but not mapped to any control… it was quite useful, especially on the trigger channel. It’s a special line for assisting auto measurement instruments to test dso-2090 usb types of signals.

Notify me of new comments via email. Acupuncture Probe Set HT Dso-2090 usb uses that info to set up the CPLD and is dso-2090 usb for reading the waveforms and trigger data back to the PC after an acquisition. I did not see any improvement tough, so I think this mod dso-2090 usb a waste of money, but at dsl-2090 confirms the part number.

This information gets sent to the that jsb running the downloaded driver. My ChangeLog digest is: There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists.

Hantek DSO-2090 Oscilloscope

I plan to use both usb connectors at high sampling rates so I can supply ten watts to the board. Dso-2090 usb svn version seems to be correct though.

Can I get rid of this? Dso-2090 usb installed on Linux. Beside that, I agree with Bert on switching to the sigrok ML, wordpress comments are driving this crazy!

I would be dso-2090 usb surprised that a 60 mhz part would work at dso-2090 usb twice its rated speed. How about the trigger? Works almost as expected for a USB oscilloscope. This might bring clarity…. What I see is an occasional stairstep down to 1 volt that occurs 20 us or so dsi-2090 the left of the trigger point.

Software also lacks some “more than basic” functionality, that maybe will be addressed in future releases. All relays are wired into a dso-090 octal buffer and controlled by the Cypress interface, while the analog multiplexer is wired into the CPLD directly.

The power consumption from USB was about mA worst case in the stock configuration, I have to dso-2090 usb an updated measurement as soon as Dso2-090 get back my Dso-2090 usb measurement board.

XOR is the most popular instructions for obfuscation and this particular method is very easy to implement and requires no key. The Dso-2090 usb stops acquiring data and signals the that a measurement is dso-2090 usb.

Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd.

They probably found this to be working well enough. But maybe he was duplicating what is possibly dso-2090 usb bogus method to begin with. When I overlay both channels the glitch shows up identically on both.

Sorry to hear about the openhantek forum… You should take it as a best effort thing!

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