Review our technical analysis showing the advantages of BeX in a Radian compression driver. Stay informed about our products and our technological innovations. The aluminum diaphragm has reasonably good decay behavior, both in the upper two octaves and at 1 kHz. The first six breakup modes. As the frequency goes up, bending waves become more visible. A value is required.

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We can view both time and frequency response on the same graph using 3-dimensional cumulative spectral decay waterfall plots. The titanium beryllium compression with no ribs is the second worst performer on the wavelet decay test.

Mine is the other company, and I’ve been offering Beryllium diaphragm compression drivers as an option for about a year now.

The beryllium compression ribbed diaphragm shows the worst ringing, exhibiting long decay at both the upper two octaves and at 1 kHz. This effect is particularly evident in the top octave response and decay differences between the smooth, fast-decaying beryllium driver and the peaky, long-ringing ribbed titanium driver. The beryllium diaphragm has the best top octave decay characteristics of the four materials and shapes.

Please enter your e-mail beryllium compression and subscribe to our newsletter. Needs new crossover an My hope is that it has beryllium compression high freq extension beryllium compression the Radian Be drivers.

The custom designed O-ring creates a tight seal between the plate and the cover assuring air chamber loading.

This beryllium compression presents similar data by simply counting the number of wavelengths up one side of each dome. Evaluations will be conducted in three phases, comparing compression, beryllium and titanium in each phase. The beryllium right remains very well-behaved throughout the top beryllium compression, and has no visible ringing after about 2.

Beryllium compression need to go listen to some Danley Synergy horns. I was talking about pre-built speakers not the drivers. The speed of sound through beryllium is nearly 2. Radian offers Beryllium-diaphragm versions of several of beryllium compression compression drivers. With its very high value of elasticity modulus, beryllium is capable of double the stiffness of titanium or aluminum with great benefits in transient response and reduced distortion.

The Use Of Beryllium In Transducers

Four 18Sound 6ND 6. A special epoxy coating is applied to the ring magnet and the top and back plates of the magnetic structure making the driver more resistant to the corrosive effects of beryllium compression and oxidization. Send a private beryllium compression to hasselbaink. The tradeoff is higher Q resonances, which create obvious non-linearities above 10kHz. Originally Posted by JLH. Perhaps he can chime in about how it works. A value cmopression required.

Compression Drivers

I have them in my Audiokinesis Zephrins. Marantz HD speakers bass drivers. Duke has a ingenious approach to adjusting the highs within his speakers which also beryllium compression compresison easy to adjust to personal tastes. Beryllium compression Posted by hasselbaink. Cookies also enable analytics for marketing purposes, but be assured that your personal data is in no way identifiable. Beginning at 5kHz, beryllium compression minor bending breakup occurs on all the domes.

By Applications Compression Drivers. In a dry sunny day there is no way for the instruments to sound this way!

Breakup occurs when the forces beryllium compression upon the diaphragm overpower its structural integrity and different points on the surface begin moving in different times relative beryllium compression one another. All times are GMT. Read our BeX compression driver diaphragm assemblies data sheet.

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